Sunday, December 27, 2009

Røros Mittens

These are a replica I knitted of a pair of traditional mittens (made in ca. 1912) from Røros in Norway. The original pair was photographed on a museum exhibition, and this photo is now in the database of Norway’s “Digitalt museum”.

Here is a link to all mittens in the Norwegian digital museum database. Worth checking out if you’re interested in Selbu mittens! Click on “neste” (means “next”) to see more.

The alpaca yarn is neither warm nor water-resistant, but it was the only yarn available to me that gave the correct gauge. I’ll have to make another pair with another yarn some day… Sheep wool works much better with stranded colour knitting; it clings together and forms a denser and more even fabric. I really like the colours of this alpaca yarn though.

It’s strange how simple all my other stranded mittens look after this project!

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