Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hand spun and hand knitted

Here are two projects made almost entirely from scratch: A yak down hat and mittens from corriedale sheep wool with a pattern from Joelahtme in Estonia.
I spun the yak down on support spindles and the sheep wool with drop spindles. Pattern and technical  details on Ravelry...

Leftover yarn from knitting the mittens, and my homemade nøstepinne from rowan wood. 

Mitten madness

Some photos of finished pairs of black and white mittens that I have not been able to part with:


Sheepskin blanket

Last year I attended a course in making blankets from sheepskin, "skinnfell", a traditional craft from Norway. Before modern blankets, duvets and bed sheets, people used two blankets made of sheep skins: one to lie upon and another as a cover, with the wool on the inside and the skin on the outside. Sometimes the skins were decorated with wooden printing blocks.
My sheepskin was made from 4 skins, big enough to serve as a cozy afghan on cold winter evenings. The most difficult part of this project was designing the printed skin-side, and deciding which printing blocks to use. There were so many beautiful patterns to choose from!