Monday, May 20, 2013

Dyeing yarn with lichens

Lately, I have been roaming the ancient forest tracks like an old witch, looking for fallen lichens on the path, and for some on trees and stones. I also scraped a lot of lichens off a recently felled tree in our garden. The lichens I brought home are excessively abundant in my area, so no harm is done to their diversity. Here are some pictures of the beautiful colours that appeared:

Usnea, from fir trees, ammonia extraction.

Tree moss (elghornslav), pseudeverina furfuracea

Iceland Moss (islandslav), cetraria islandica

Unknown lichen from stone.

Parmelia saxatilis, I think, (grĂ¥ fargelav) from a stone, orange colours from simmering,
 the light brown colour  from ammonia extraction.

Parmelia? This lichen gives exactly the same shades as parmelia saxatilis.
It looks different though.

My first and new spinning wheel! A Louet Julia.