Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bilberry hunting season

Most of the bilberries became jam, some were eaten raw, the lucky ones made it into a pie, and about 2 kilograms of berries ended up in the dyebath.
That was more than enough to dye 500 grams of yarn (mordanted with alum and cream of tartar) a deep purple colour, hovering between blue- and red-purple. I read somewhere that the colour is not very lightfast so I hope the bilberry "overdose" helps a little.

The colour of the yarn is much deeper and darker
in reality than is shown on the photos.


Fia said...

Hej, hej, undrar om du säljer bandgrindsvävda band? Din är ju sååå fina! Försöker lära mig just nu men mina band är inte särskilt presentabla än :-/ Skulle behöva något samiskt.
Maila gärna

Wendy said...

A friend just referenced your blog a few days ago. Your photos and weaving are wonderful. Keep have an audience!