Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More wool combing, spinning, dyeing and band weaving

Here is how I spent some of the long summer evenings on my veranda, defying the gnats and mosquitos and  occasionally stirring the simmering dye pots:
From front to back: Spælsau - natural white; Blæset sau - natural black; yarn dyed with St. John's Wort (no mordant used); another skein of the same white spælsau; yarn dyed with  birch leaves (alum mordant) and dyed over with parmelia lichen; and the same black blæset sau.

My first tablet woven band, all wool. Pattern draft from Eqos.
1.9  cm wide, 170 cm long.
Flower band, woven on a rigid heddle. Unbleached linen and pattern threads of green embroidery wool.
1.5 cm wide,  222 cm long.

On top: yarn dyed with St. John's Wort (no mordant). The yellow skeins were dyed with birch leaves (alum mordant); the light green yarn was dyed with Lady's Mantle and some lupin flowers (alum mordant).

My new mini wool combs.
Handspun 2-ply wool, entirely from scratch!
Skirted, washed, combed, spun and plied - a long process, but quite satisfying. The wool has a beautiful lustre but is a bit scratchy. The white wool is from Spælsau sheep, the black from Blæset sau (crossbred), from local animals wandering  in the higher mountain areas all summer.


kateuk said...

I am in awe of your patience! those colours are absolutely beautiful- the yellows particularly.

JQ said...

SOOO beautiful

gerwen said...

Do you market these,at all? Trying to put some trim on a Norwegian sweater I bought here in Alaska. Having a difficult time finding something along this line.

Lausanne said...

You do such lovely work! I saw some of your beautiful rigid heddle ribbons and bands on Ravelry (I'm 'fiddlinspin' there) Here on your blog there are so many lovely ones. I would love to see the old telemark pattern book you were given. Do you ever share your patterns? I am a rigid heddle backstrap weaver and have one of ampstrike's fine shuttles too. They are the best! Have you ever used a 'Sunna' double slotted heddle? I have never combined wool with linen so that will have to be my next band! Thank you for your inspiring work.
Lausanne Allen from Vermont

Juliette Lanvers said...


I hope this comment will allow me to contact you. I am fascinated by your bands and have started weaving some myself with a reasonable degree of success using a slightly different technique. I am using an american style inkle loom.

The pattern is easy enough to understand but your borders are a mystery to me. I was hoping you would be willing to help me figure out how to create the little flowers you have on your borders. Any hints would be much appreciated. So far I simply use singles of wool on my borders threaded AABBCBBAA omitting all the linen grounds.

I would be ever so grateful for any help you can or have time to give me.